Take One can transfer your old Standard 8, Super 8, and 16mm Cine film to DVD and digital video formats. Specialised HD film scanning equipment is used that produces very high quality crystal clear, flicker free film transfers. Your cine footage is colour processed prior to being authored to DVD, and also can be saved to modern digital video formats.
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Care of your old films

If you require your films to be transferred in a particular sequence please label up the reels (including the packets they may be in) by numbering. If you still have a working projector you may wish to review each reel before having the transfers made. Please note however that projector bulbs get very hot and can burn through film if the projector becomes jammed.

Our scanning equipment uses Super bright LEDs which produce no heat on the film. They have direct drive mechanisms with no claws, sprockets or pinch rollers to damage brittle film that can happen all to often using old home projectors.

Conversion Options

Reel Size Footage Guide

Use the following guide to calculate approximately how much footage will be on a full cine reel.

3inch Reel

  • 50ft
  • 3-4mins
  • 2mins

5inch Reel

  • 200ft
  • 14-16mins
  • 7-8mins

7inch Reel

  • 400ft
  • 28-32mins
  • 15mins

Conversion costs include the process to convert the cine film to either DVD or digital file formats. All DVD disks are included. You can provide your own media storage device for digital files output or we can supply USB sticks or portable drives. (Contact us for costs)

Cine Conversion Costs

  • 50 ft - £7.00
  • 100 ft - £12.00
  • 200 ft - £22.00
  • 300 ft - £30.00
  • 400 ft - £38.00
  • 500 ft - £46.00
  • 600 ft - £54.00
  • 800 ft - £68.00
  • 50ft - £10.00
  • 100 ft - £16.00
  • 200 ft - £27.00
  • 300 ft - £35.00
  • 400 ft - £44.00
  • 500 ft - £52.00
  • 600 ft - £64.00
  • 800 ft - £78.00

DVD Transfers

Despite the continued push by manufacturers to move on from this successful format, DVD is still a popular method to watch your videos as they can be used in stand alone DVD players in addition to computer drives,.

Output to Digital File

We can save your Cine footage to many digital files such as MOV, AVI, MP4 etc

See what our clients say


I have been working with TakeOne for the past few years and can highly recommend this company for all your videoing and photography needs. Highly professional, friendly and will always go above and beyond to make sure the customer is fully satisfied.

Declan Double Matt Fiddes Martial Arts & Street Dance.

Take One have been filming our nativity for many years. The quality of the DVDs are excellent. Our parents are always delighted with the personal dvd covers. The DVDs are delivered very quickly after the event. In a nutshell Take One deliver a professional, reasonably priced and professional service. We wouldn’t consider using anyone else.

Sarah Ingram Wanborough Playgroup

I am a Film Producer/Director; Ian Laurie has been my Number One Editor for more than fifteen years.

Ian is so very reliable, as an editor he listens to exactly what I want when I am producing the edit and is creative with his own ideas and expertise. My clients are always extremely pleased with the films we put together which are mainly Corporate or Charity promotional.

Ian is a highly accomplished Camera operator; he produces many of his own films for his own clients and is brilliant as second camera working along side me on my shoots. Ian has high quality camera, sound and lighting kit of his own for video. He is also an extremely accomplished stills photographer. Ian is highly skilled with all aspects of film production. He is hard working, calm, reliable, friendly and polite. I thoroughly recommend his Film Production Services.

Amanda Joy AJ Film & Theatre

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